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Together banking app

Family-friendly banking application to help guide users from childhood to full financial maturity.

The traditional idea of money is quickly disappearing and being replaced by virtual currency. This change concerns the young targets: children, tweens and teens. 
According to Danish law a child can have a debit card opened in their name at the age of eight. This solution enables parents to have control over their children’s finances and is safe to use.


Danske Bank has a whole story to share, beginning with 1871. By 1910 it became the largest bank in Scandinavia. Danske Bank has developed several banking apps for the different age groups but has failed to close the gap by including preteens. With this study case I built Together, a family-friendly banking application that aims to guide the user from the early ages to full maturity.


Concept Development, User Research, Interaction & Experience

Design, Prototyping, Testing


Sketch, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite


Danske Bank


2017; refreshed 2020


The experiences of Danske Bank customers are highly valued in the company, therefore, the design and delivery of new services are really important. The customer journey plays a decisive role in innovation and solution finding. Even with the wide variety of customers there is a neglegted segment withing the banking idustry: children, teens and tweens.

The challenge of this project study was to develop a concept and solution that defines the financial identities and paths of teens & tweens - caught between the childhood's piggy bank and the adult financial responsibilities.


The solution consists of the centralised mobile application Together. The focus is directed on the maturity levels instead of the age of the child/teenager. The concept supports parents with suggestions regarding what features are appropriate for their child based on their maturity level. There is the possibility to level up in the app and unlock features. Besides, the parent can also choose to grant access to certain features. The solution aims to guide the user from the early ages to full maturity. 

Scene Copy.jpg


The pain this solution is trying to solve is rooted in Danske Bank’s current way of targeting the younger segment. There is little connection between the different apps from the Danske Bank ecosystem and therefore the user of an app may have little to no knowledge about the other apps.


This concept tries to solve the issue above by creating an app that takes into consideration everyone’s needsBy allowing parents to decide what their children can and can’t do while assessing the child's financial maturity, we should be able to offer each group of users a tailored experience. Furthermore, as users advance and increase their financial literacy more features are enabled for them and are presented with more advanced interfaces for the app. This concept brings a solution to the lack of coherence between different apps and, in addition, provides users with just the features they find useful and exciting and assures a smooth transition to the final "adult" interface.

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